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If it feels like your life is turned upside down after a relationship with a narcissist, you're not alone! Narcissists wreak havoc on your emotional wellbeing, and the effects of this type of emotional abuse can cause symptoms like anxiety, depression, self-doubt and isolation (just to name a few!!).

Let today be the day you take that first step to feel lighter, freer and more in control of your life!

Choose the self-guided program that best fits your needs and step into the life you deserve.

Because Thriving Is The Best Revenge!

Want to know the best way to get back at a narcissist? Thriving and LOVING your life! Reclaim what they tried to take away with this 7-Day Vibe Shift Challenge.

STOP Rumination In Its Tracks!

Break free from rumination, discover hidden truths, and reclaim peace of mind with this 4-Week RUMINATION REVOLUTION Program that will transform the way you think.

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If You're Feeling Stuck,

There's A Reason

(Old Ways Don't Open New Doors)


If you're still stuck after months or years of talk therapy, DIY learning, or waiting for time to heal all wounds, it's not your fault. The "old ways" don't work for everyone, and there's a faster and easier path to get unstuck and finally find peace.

Let today be the day you overcome those core wounds and the unwanted behaviors they've been driving. They were never really yours to begin with.


Stop Overthinking

Neutralize painful memories, so they can stop taking over your thoughts and making you feel terrible as a result

Set Healthy Boundaries

Stop feeling compelled to please others and start setting healthy boundaries that protect you and your relationships

Attract High-Value Partners

Address fears of abandonment and feelings of unworthiness, and finally attract high-value partners and friends

Choose A Path Back To YOU!

Here's the thing:


The narcissist has taken ENOUGH from you.


Let today be the day YOU decide to take your life back. 

I can help.

Like you, I've felt lost, hopeless and stuck after a relationship with a narcissist - until I realized I wasn't alone. We all have an inner guidance system and a higher (wiser) consciousness to help us through trying times.  

I learned how to tap into that wisdom to heal the emotional wreckage left by a narcissist, and I can help you do the same.


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David M.

"Thank you!! You have helped me incredibly and enabled me to understand what I have experienced. You are a saviour"

Elisa Marie

"Just popping in to say you have seriously helped me so much in the past few months. I am in a much healthier place since I made the decision to exit that situation. Thank you for what you do, you are changing lives and bringing healing to so many people. <3"

Roxy P.

"You have no idea how much you have helped me you are so true 6 years and 2 toddlers later with a narcissist."

John B.

"I was at a point where I knew what my programming was and how it got there, but that wasn't moving the needle for me. Affirmations and meditation helped some, but the progress was so painfully slow.. So I was kind of floored when I realized how much our sessions were changing my life. It's like everything got incrementally better. They were small changes at first, but definitely enough to notice!"

Cheryl G.

"I can't tell you how helpful it's been to talk to someone who really gets it. I didn't even realize how much I had been holding back in my life until I finally started living again. Thank you, Christina!"

Nadia K.

"I love your common sense approach and the gentle delivery. Your programs are made for people who want to be genuine all the time and have a happy life with real relationships. I feel like you are an Angel who has been sent to put painful things into perspective. Thank you for your insight."

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