Feel Better FAST After Narcissistic Abuse 

Stop wasting your time on methods that don't move the needle. Book a transformation that's based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience and energy healing.

You CAN get unstuck and reconnect with your joy again. You'll be surprised at how fast your life can turn around!

I'm SO Ready!

Feel Better 

FAST After Narcissistic


Stop wasting your time on methods that don't move the needle. Book a transformation that's based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience and energy healing.

You CAN get unstuck and reconnect with your joy again. You'll be surprised at how fast your life can turn around!


What if HAPPY was within reach?

and you could finally let go of things like...

Intrusive Thoughts

Remember when you got so worked up thinking about ALL the ways the narcissist knowingly treated you badly? And before you knew it, those runaway thoughts consumed your entire day! But the worst part is you were left with even more feelings of doubt and insecurity than you had before this thought spiral. Narcissistic abuse almost forces you into these spirals that we call rumination -- but we aren't stuck with it!


When you find out that you were so wrong about someone who (at one time) felt so right, it can lead to a sense that nothing is safe. And this creates anxiety in all areas of your life. Add to that a cocktail of stress hormones that you've been served for the duration of your time with this person, and anxiety is a natural consequence. 

Low Self-Esteem

Narcissistic abuse destroys your self-esteem and self worth from the inside out. So if you're feeling down on yourself, know this: It's not you. You came into this world as a pure soul, and you LEARNED to think less of yourself through subconscious conditioning. Good news: You can UNLEARN it too!

...and finally BREAK TOXIC CYCLES!

As you stop yearning for toxic people and actually feel peace and happiness - maybe for the first time ever!


Listen. None of this is your fault 


Subconscious conditioning starts from birth and continues for a lifetime. And the more a belief is reinforced, the stronger it is. 

Beliefs like these lead us to choose toxic partners, stay in abusive relationships and ultimately feel like a victim of circumstance... or worse: like we're destined for misery. 

But this isn't WHO YOU ARE!

It's what was put upon you. 

These STRONG subconscious beliefs are often the ones that get in the way of true happiness. 

And as each day passes, you unconsciously find ways to reinforce those beliefs... and make them even STRONGER.

The good news is that you can turn these beliefs around and program new beliefs that ACTUALLY WORK FOR YOU!

But the longer you wait, the more time your reprogramming will take. So if you're ready to turn your life around, don't delay. Start now!

But traditional recovery programs require things you don't have...

You may have tried other ways to help you heal and recover from narcissistic abuse to no avail. The truth is that most methods take a lot of time, and some don't work at all.


Traditional methods like talk therapy are absolutely valid, but it's no secret that it can take months or years to see tangible results. It's time to start living your best life NOW.


You can spend hundreds or even thousands on courses and programs that don't move the needle. But with this method, most people feel it working working after the first session.


The #1 reason why most programs fail is that they require YOU to do the heavy lifting (and you've got enough on your plate). On this plan, there's no homework.

That's where my 3-step coaching program stands apart

If you've tried other methods, don't lose hope. You can heal from narcissistic abuse in a way that's quick, gentle and effective.


Most people feel real results after the first session, so you'll know this method is working for you. The more we work, the better you'll feel.


Unlike traditional methods, there's no need to retell your story (unless you want to), so the process is very gentle and not re-traumatizing.


Given the right tools, we all have the power to heal ourselves. Trust that your own higher consciousness is qualified to heal and get results.

If you're ready for progress, you're in the right place

For years, I've walked alongside hundreds of people just like you along their path to emotional abuse recovery. And let me tell you, it's much sweeter on the other side. 

There's SO much I could say about what I learned along my own healing journey... including shadow work, recovered memories and divine intervention, but I'll keep this takeaway short and sweet:


We all have inner wisdom and spiritual guidance available to us.


Even if you feel like you've tried everything..

Even if you feel it's a lost cause...


Healing is within reach. 

A process that puts YOU first

All aspects of you, including your higher consciousness, conscious mind and subconscious work together to neutralize emotionally charged memories to bring you more peace and satisfaction. Although there's a structure to the process, you are always at the forefront - and you're always in control!

Step 1 - Discover

So many of us feel lost and isolated after narcissistic abuse, and in this place, it's soothing to talk to someone who understands what you've been through. This important part of the process is also where we talk through where you are, where you want to go, and create a plan. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about coaching or your experience with a narcissistic person (or toxic relationship). And then, we move on from that toxic story...

Step 2 - Rewire

This is where the real magic happens. In this step (which spans multiple sessions), we work on the subconscious beliefs and triggers that were once helpful but now only seem to cause pain and discomfort. Here, we neutralize uncomfortable emotions and rewire subconscious beliefs that no longer serve us. And although it sounds like work, the process is very gentle and often completely pain-free. In fact, you can expect to leave each session feeling more peaceful than when you began.

Step 3 - Manifest

Now that we've established and worked through what you don't want, it's time to replace those thoughts and beliefs with what you actually DO want. You may already know that the reason most manifestation efforts fail is because we block abundance with our own subconscious limitations. But now that we've cleared those blocks, it's time to start living on your own terms!

Let's put the narcissist in your rear-view mirror!

It's time to start living for you! A six-session pack can get you there, and a single session can serve as an introduction or help get clarity on a single issue.

Single Session


  • One 60-minute session
  • Gain clarity on one issue
  • Feel more at-ease with your situation
  • Get familiar with your coach and the process
Let's Go!

4-Session Package



  • Four 60-90 minute sessions
  • Break through major life-altering blocks
  • Neutralize emotionally-charged memories that are weighing you down
  • Gain emotional freedom
Let's Go!


Hear what other people are saying about coaching with Christina

Cheryl G.

"I can't tell you how helpful it's been to talk to someone who really gets it. I didn't even realize how much I had been holding back in my life until I finally started living again. Thank you, Christina!"

Bettina C.

"I was skeptical... but it really happened for me! I started my first session feeling so hurt and ANGRY! I put myself at a 7 out of 10 on the scale of intensity, but by the end of the session, I felt like I was at about a 1 or 2. And the best part was that it stayed that way. I thought for sure those level 7 emotions would kick back up again... but they never did!"

Jon B.

"I was at a point where I knew what my programming was and how it got there, but that wasn't moving the needle for me. Affirmations and meditation helped some, but the progress was so painfully slow.. So I was kind of floored when I realized how much our sessions were changing my life. It's like everything got incrementally better. They were small changes at first, but definitely enough to notice!"

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