And Take Your Life Back After Narcissistic Abuse

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You deserve to BE HAPPY after narcissistic abuse

This exclusive coaching program gives you the tailored support to finally break the trauma bond and detach from your narcissistic abuser.

I provide a strategic recovery plan designed to help you:

  • Understand the roots of your trauma bonding and codependency
  • Process the emotional trauma keeping you attached
  • Develop coping strategies to overcome obsessive thinking
  • Establish strong boundaries to detach completely
  • Embody your autonomy and self-worth beyond the narcissist
  • Integrate the lessons and maintain your freedom long-term

Don't settle for pain and enmeshment. You hold the power to break free - and I can help you get there.

Take control of your recovery. Sign up today to sever the trauma bond and take your life back once and for all.

I'm SO Ready!

"I didn't think it was possible...

but Christina guided me out of the fog of my trauma bond with empathy and wisdom. I was beginning to think I was stuck with this obsessive attachment for life. I'm forever grateful for her work."

- Chris K., Chicago

"I spent years in a toxic cycle...

of discards and hoovers with a covert narcissist. Yet I couldn't bring myself to break the connection. But Christina's step-by-step process finally helped me sever the ties for good. I have my life back."

- Amanda R., Dallas


Your Personal Roadmap To Freedom

Have you found yourself trapped in an endless, toxic cycle with a narcissist?

Do obsessive thoughts  keep you emotionally enmeshed?

You don't have to remain stuck in this trauma loop.

This exclusive coaching program provides the tailored support you need to finally sever your trauma bond and reclaim your life.

With strategic guidance, we'll unravel the roots of this obsessive attachment so you can detach, regain your sense of self, and maintain your peace.

Your Personalized 3-Step Plan Includes:


Demystifying the Bond

In our first session, we'll dive into your unique situation and uncover the specific trauma bonds and unhealthy attachment styles that may be keeping you stuck in toxicity. I'll ask targeted questions to help you gain clarity around the narcissistic dynamics, codependency, and emotional conditioning that is preventing your freedom. From this personalized assessment, you'll gain powerful self-awareness into the roots of your trauma bonds.



Process and Overcome

With compassionate support, we'll start unraveling the complex trauma caused by your narcissistic abuse experiences. You'll develop new coping strategies tailored to short-circuit trauma bonded thinking, detach emotionally, and overcome obsessive attachment. Step by step, you'll process trauma and rewire neural pathways to foster healthy self-worth beyond narcissistic validation. You'll gain tools to manage anxiety, detoxify the effects of manipulation, and break destructive relationship habits for good.


Take Your Life Back

With your newfound inner resilience, we'll work to disentangle your identity from the narcissist and embody your autonomy fully. I'll provide guidance as you establish clear boundaries, detach from toxicity, and release yourself from the stranglehold of trauma bonding patterns.

Session by session, you'll integrate the lessons and reclaim your freedom, voice and purpose on your own terms - breaking free of narcissistic abuse forever. The shackles of the past will no longer define you.

"The trauma bond kept pulling me back...

no matter how toxic things were. Christina empowered me to disrupt my conditioning, set firm boundaries, and detach from my abuser. I feel so much more clear and free."

-Jordan T., Los Angeles

"I was addicted to the love bombing...

of my narcissistic partner - even though it barely even lasted anymore Working with Christina gave me the insight and strength to break this dependency and embrace my worth beyond the relationship. I'm finally feeling free."

-Patricia L., Seattle

Meet your coach!

Hi, I'm Christina, a narcissistic abuse recovery coach with over 4 years of experience. I've been where you are, caught in the painful cycle of narcissistic idealization, devaluation, and discards.

I know how it feels to lose your self-worth.

My journey to healing inspired me to help others on their path to recovery.

Over the years, I've helped hundreds of clients to:

  • Overcome¬†manipulation tactics
  • Transcend¬†emotional trauma
  • Establish strong boundaries
  • Thrive with a personalized recovery plan

Now, it's my turn to support you on your healing journey. You don't have to go through this alone. Let's work together to reclaim your freedom, voice, and purpose.

Transformation is within reach. Join me on this empowering journey today.

Take the First Step Towards Your Transformation

Get the tailored 1-on-1 guidance and compassionate support you need to break free from abuse - sign up for your transformation today!




  • A personalized recovery¬†roadmap tailored to your unique needs
  • Eight¬†50-minute one-on-one video sessions with a certified empowerment coach (me!)
  • Complete support through every stage of your healing journey


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  • Three 50-minute sessions¬†50-minute one-on-one video sessions with a certified empowerment coach (me!)
  • Validation and support to¬†kickstart your recovery journey or gain clarity on an issue